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Offered by our drywall specialists, these tips will surely help you better understand how to take care of common drywall issues.

You have just discovered a valuable and completely free source of drywall tips created especially for people who want to make their home the best place to live.

Lightweight mud is usually best for repairing nail holes

Nail holes are fairly common with drywalls. The good news is that they are very simple and quick to fill. Lightweight mud will fill the small hole perfectly. It will also harden and dry very quickly. These are also important advantages to have when it comes to this kind of drywall repair.

Latex-based paint is the preferred option for interior walls

It dries much more quickly compared to oil-based paint. This is more than valuable when you do home renovation projects. It is also easier to clean and to maintain in good condition. You will never have to worry about it producing strong odor.

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